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Badrich, musician

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I'm bringing creative ideas to jazz & pop music

Music Production

I specialize in crafting guitar tracks and solos, combining expertise and creativity to elevate your music. My approach ensures each piece resonates with emotion and precision, perfect for artists seeking to enhance their sound with dynamic guitar work.

  • Ableton
  • Shure SM7B
  • Les Paul
  • Marsahll "Plexi"
  • Cabinet 4x10
  • Kemper
  • 192 Khz / 24 bit
  • Focusrite
  • Alesis 3630

Teaching Music

I offer music lessons for all levels, focusing on technique, theory, and expression, taught from my experience as an instructor at the prestigious Conservatory of Prague. My goal is to unlock each student's musical potential within a nurturing and esteemed educational setting.

  • Private Lessons
  • On-line Lessons
  • Competitions
  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Academical

Music Performance

My performances often feature collaborations with famous artists, bringing unique and unforgettable musical experiences to every stage. These partnerships not only highlight a fusion of styles but also showcase the power of music to connect and inspire across genres.

  • Punker Beat
  • Hot Shots Band
  • Latin Vibe
  • Mark Zeleny Trio
  • Black Cat Band
  • VOX Box

Partnerships & Ambassadoring

I'm thrilled to be an ambassador for Fender and Marshall where our partnership amplifies my musical journey with top-tier gear and a shared passion for innovation.

  • Gibson
  • Fender
  • Marshall
  • Yamaha

I love working in the studio with amazing people

“If you don't ask, you don't get.“
Steive Wonder
A man playing with woman in a studioA man singing in a studioStudio session with musicians

Do you have an idea? Just tell me, and I'll bring your vision to life

Thunovská 123, Malá Strana Prague, Czech Republic
antoninbadrich@gmail.com (+420) 604567234
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